Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh, And One More Thing . . .

I've done it.

Created a prosthlyte.

A disciple. A follower. A groupie. A junkie.

Jodi is hooked.


She's been branded by the Pioneer Woman.

Sunshyne sowed the seed into me months ago. The harvest has come. Now, I'm simply carrying on the indulgence.

Ree, if you're reading, I've completed my task. Accomplished the mission.

Can I pre-read the next installment as a reward??? Puh-leaassseee???


Jodi said...

How true it is!!! I spent the major part of the day on the edge of my seat, chin in palm till my arm was numb, reading every last word as if the most savories of morsels! If I wasn't captured by the spellbinding romance, I was captivated by her amazing writing. I am hooked! I must meet this phenomenal woman. I must go visit this woman and take in the sights, smells, sounds and characters I am endeared by! I love you Pioneer Woman!

karen - flutter2you said...

Honey - you'd "done it" - a long time ago - I've been hooked for months on the Pioneer Woman - and I in turn have shared the site with others - and so on, and so on,...

One thing we can be grateful for - The Pioneer Woman isn't creating a crown of "Calf Nut Jewels" for us for all of our "converts" - LOLOL

~ Angi :) said...

ah. I see even silent influence is powerful.

{{nostrils flaring}}


Kris said...

I. Must. Resist. Pioneer. Woman.

No, wait, I've already got her linked up on my own blog! Dagnabbit! Have you looked at her recipes????? Golly Geewillackers, YUM! It should be a sin just to LOOK!

Annette Beason said...

lol...as soon as you get finished pre-reading them...if she lets you...send them to me PLEASE!!! She is such an awesome writer and it's such an awesome story!

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