Monday, November 12, 2007

Keller Smiles

My newest son would appear to have not obtained any of my physical characteristics. He is his Daddy's boy.

Yet I could not help being humored this morning, as I saw that Gil had uploaded Keller's first smile on YouTube. He entitled the video "Keller Smiles". I don't think Gil was thinking much about the inherent detail imbedded in such a post.

Indeed, Gil named his Flickr account GilSilvers. A quick, decisive move on his part one day that is both a noun and a sentence. Acompletely uncalculated, yet undeniably true statement of his distinguished look, accentuated by his grey hair that increases as he ages.

I was so enamored of his quick verbal prowess, that I responded in kind: AngiSmiles. This time, a sentence denoting a distinguishing character trait of mine.

Ah. So, there it is.

Finally, my likeness in Keller's being.

Keller Smiles.

Smile away, son.

You look like your Momma.



Sunshyne said...

You've been a bloggin' lately! My goodness. I had to catch up. Girl, he is so so precious. Chris told me the other day that he'd like to have another, and so we will (though it'll be just a bit before we make the "jump"). Seeing this little man totally seals the deal for me. I can't wait! He's so darn cute. :)

Tim & Richelle said...

He is so precious - looks like he's not only smiling but just dying to talk to you, too.

Watching your sweet one makes me want another one myself........

Marla said...

Such a SWEETIE!!

Aren't these first smiles just priceless?!?!

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