Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wow Wednesday

My husband.
Just for the record ~ he is one of the BEST husband's a gal could want. Or need.
Take tonight for instance.
He called me on his way home from work, offering me dinner out. Since I felt less that kosher, I simply asked for chips and salsa from Los Tres Amigos.(MMMMmmmmm!)
The Fab GilGuy not only arrived at home with the coveted salsa, but my fave Chicken Santa Fe as well.
(Ok. He's R E A L L Y on my good side now!) LOL
We dined in relative peace, and enjoyment of one another's company.
Then he did the coy thing.
Ya know . . .when he invites me outside. (my limbic system informing me that another suprise is on the horizon . . .)
Sure enough ~ there it is! The movie we've planned on getting since seeing Facing The Giants: Flywheel.
I am some impressed with the people who've made both. Focus on relationships. With Christ, with others.
Powerful, poignant, to the point.
Thanks Sherwood Productions. I appreciate you.
(And my husband, of course!) LOL

1 comment:

Jodi said...

I have added it to Netflix. We should get some royalties as promoting critics or something. Yes?!?!?!

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