Friday, March 23, 2007

Time Warp(ed)

Ok, so imagine if you will, a vehicle goin' ninety-to-nothin', wheelin' around the corner, kickin' up dust, and screeching to a halt in your driveway.

That's pretty much what life has felt like these past few days. WAY busy . . .and WHEN exactly should I plan on sleeping?

Oh, wait. I did that already! LOL

So, I finally arrive home to the peace and relative quiet of my humble abode. Where has all my time gone? How has so much time been sucked up by this 'n that, and who made my schedule anyway? Huh?!?

As my body finally eases into a state of relaxation, I chuckle to myself. "Now there's a misnomer!" I state under my breath, and then I pull up ole faithful YouTube.

ah. moments of escapism wrap around me. And I'm free to embark on a journey to the long, long ago of my once upon a time exsistance: High School.

Nothing ~ absolutely nothing compares with the 80's. And the lead singer for Styx. Oh. Wait. The lead guitarist of Def Leppard was pretty hot himself. Hmmm . . .

{spinning, swirling stripes, as the room fades away into the background, and the music begins . . . .)

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