Sunday, October 07, 2012

What's A Barn Without A Barn Door?

I couldn't bring myself to take any photos of the scaffolding the GilGuy made, that he might work on the double barn doors on the TOP floor of our building.

It was that scary.

As a preventative measure, he did secure the scaffold with a beam placed in the bucket of the tractor . . . but still.

Hours and hours of work went into making the first double door - the prototype of the others yet to be made - four in all.  Each will end up having it's own nuance, since we weren't fully thinking about the functionality of how they would open in regard to their placement in the barn as a whole.  One will slide, the others on a swing that will accommodate the various roof pitch, etc.

I was one relieved gal when that first door was finished ~ one down:  three to go!  :)

I do not have a photo of the doors closed, but here is my offering of the finished hanging product . . . note how heavy these babies. are.  :whew:

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