Sunday, September 09, 2012

No Use Clucking Over Spilled Milk . . .

Well over a year, now, we've been buying our milk from a local source, Country Girl Creamery.  The Jersey cows, coupled with a product as-close-to-raw as we can get it in our area (they are required by law to pasteurize, but do not homogenize) make for some wonderfully rich, delicious experiences gastronomically for my family.  Many a morning we awake to the cream line of the milk having formed in the container - it's that rich!

It's no surprise, then, that the cat loves any leftovers we give, remnants of cereals, or the final dregs of a milk that finally gave up the ghost (which is rare! it's usually all consumed before that happens!).  What IS surprising, I discovered yesterday evening, is that my HENS love[d] the milk also!!  In all my days, I've never heard of; considered; or thought to give chickens milk . . . especially wholesome milk, even in light of knowing that pigs oft delight in the curds and whey thrown their way in the barnyard.

Yet go after the milk they did . . . much to the chagrin of Jasper, the cat whose remaining 6 or so lives keep him in connection with the world we live in.

The power play between he and the girls was quite comical, as you can see, in the following photos, a fresh offering in my Chicken Poultography collection.  :)

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