Friday, October 12, 2012

Baby Bitties

A male Silver Grey Dorking chick.
The phone ringing before dawn jolted me awake.  Disoriented, I stumbled out into the dining room and picked up the receiver, my eyes trying to focus on the caller id ~ yet uncomprehending, I answered, for the sheer concern as to why someone would call at such a time.

Oh, my stars!  The order for Silver Gray Dorkings I had put in had arrived, and by golly, the Post Office was on duty, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, expecting me to zip on over and pick them up!

Therefore, I did.  :)

So pleased.  :)  Just take a look at my new little clutch:

Male Silver Grey's have a less defined "v" on their head, and the band of color extending from their eye is less pronounced.

A female Silver Grey Dorking chick.  The linea negra extending from her eye is indicative of her gender.  The 'heavy makeup' look distinguishes her from her male siblings.

This Silver Grey Dorking female's "v" is pronounced on her head, both in shape and color.  This, coupled with eye color, reveals her gender.

They all settled right in to the temporary quarters they will call home for the next few weeks.

 This is a small brood, as I am investigating this breed as a dual-purpose project.  If they mature as I am expecting, I hope to utilize them as a conservation effort to the strain, in keeping with the philosophy undergirding our farm project.

Well, that, and I hope to put them to work in the garden.  :)  Welcome home, Little Bitties!  Welcome home, Silver Grey's!

 . . . Now, if we could only get my granddaughter, Aspen Grey to make her appearance . . .


Missus Wookie said...

Very pretty - delicate little feathers and colouring.

Robin woods said...

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Anonymous said...

Silver Grey Dorking, one of my favourite breeds among with Salmon Faverolles, Croad Langshan, Golden/Silver Laced Cochin, Lemon Pyle Brahma, Red-Laced Blue Wyandotte etc :)

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