Saturday, August 18, 2012

Five Is The Magic Number

So five is the magic number, it seems at our house.  The constant barrage of Boy Banter revolves around the fifth birthday and the number associated therein.

The KBoyz are just now jiving with the reality of math and how it impacts our lives on a daily basis.

"I'm five!"  
"No, I'm five!"

"I'm six, seven, eight!"

and so on.

The competition is mind boggling.  :)

It is true, however, that the oldest KBoy, the nephew, DID turn five (yes, I said FIVE) just a few days ago.  And since I've been lax on all things blog posting, I thought you might want your KBoy fix.

You need it, after all.  You do.  I know.  I'm [more than] five!  :)

I was stoked when this photo came out of the camera . . . Keet was climbing the rudimentary staircase, and the sun was just right!  :)

Of course, then I had to have him respond to me . . . not quite as organic, but it'll do . . .  :)

And just because the sun was right, it was time for some "glow" photos.  :)  Did I mention Keeton is

Gil is ever doing math.  Be it measurements or binary code . . .

 . . . and finally?  Be still my heart.  What handsome boys ~ and what great 70's photoglow.


Next up?  Construction photos!  Wow!  It's looking great . . .  :)

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