Saturday, August 04, 2012

For Want Of Water

I still remember, as a kid, my Mom taking me to see The Rescuers Down Under - when it was a full length Disney feature film, rather than the modern day cartoon.  Evinrude, the tiny little dragonfly that could, sent Bianca and Bernard speeding over the top of the swampy water, enroute to save the day.

The fact that a dragonfly, a winged insect, could possibly be willing to pose for a photo shoot is really a pipe dream, most would think.

Well, that is, until MY dragonfly showed up at the farm.

Yup.  In all her (his?) glory, the Little Dragonfly not only allowed a few snapshots . . . she (he?) actually seemed to enjoy all the attention the camera brought.  I was thrilled that she (he?) was such a willing model.
- and wow!  take a look at that jaw, will ya?  :D

I think she (he?) was thirsty . . . lol

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