Friday, July 20, 2012

Living In The Digital Age

I've been working my tail off in the garden, and been rewarded with so many delicious edibles this season!  Beside me has been my new garden companion, the Garden Guru, really.  I love watching his passion move him to care for tender young plants in ways I would not have thought of on my own.  Yes, it has been a tremendous blessing to have Del at my side.

Guiding, teaching, sharing.  Planting, Reaping.

So, it was no small favor to return to him an aid in his endeavors to get word out about his subsequent passion:  compost.

When Heavn's Best Organic Compost arrived at Silver Oak Farm, fledgling plants suddenly turned vigorous.  Ailing peppers became sturdy and productive bushes, teeming with produce.  And every. single. new seed we planted germinated quickly, and effortlessly.

Del's superior product needed a platform in the digital age - a website; a blog; a facebook presence . . . but this delightful lifelong farmer knew very little about all things cyber.  Therefore I stepped up to the plate, and  decorated a little corner of the blogoshpere on his behalf.  Now, folks can find out a smidgen on information about the man and his passion; the man and his goods.

And perhaps, once they hear tell of his wares, they will meet the man himself, and be blessed beyond measure to take hold of those hidden tidbits of garden knowledge that will cause their planting endeavors to sprout new leaves.

So, without further ado, I present to you Heavn's Best Organic Compost & Gardens.   The digital access to all things green.  :)



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