Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rascal Rudy . . .

Rudy the Rooster had begun to run amuk.

His need to be Big Man on Campus, ever since we 'turned him out' of his living quarters with The Girls resulted in his desire to terrorize the K-man, and, well, Tiffany.

It was actually quite comical to watch a four pound bird own a 20-something blonde haired beauty . . . but, I digress.  She didn't like him, and she let him know, even if only by loud screams.

Rudy the Rooster would get conjugal visits from time to time, and all was going well, until we decided that the newest little hen, "Little Bit" needed to go live with the Big Girls.

Moving her over to the Big Girl Coop was somewhat of a strain on her, but she was one to hold her own pretty well, and she settled in fairly quickly.  The baby boy roosters, however?  Well . . . they got to camp with Rudy The Great.

Rudy didn't like it much, being cooped back up again, but it solved many a problem when it came to keeping sanity to the house from the car for the elder child.

None of the living quarter rearrangements ever seemed to affect Rudy much.  He regularly crowed, announcing the arrival of visitors, waking me at dawn, declaring he was Boss.  Even though we threatened him often with making Chicken Fricassee, the fact remained we all loved him.

All of us.

Stupid Bird.

(Who wasn't so stupid.)


I'm saddened to report that Rudy the Rooster has gone to the Big Chicken Coop in the sky.

You will be missed Big Guy . . . and, I'm actually sorry we didn't eat you.

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