Sunday, May 01, 2011

Exhaustion In His Eyes

L'il Man had been going full swing through the weekend.  He'd endured a four hour 'shopping' extravaganza - enduring blazing heat in an *almost* old fashioned auction type setting on Saturday, followed by a fence post planting event.  His Sunday experience was that of more fence posts . . . and more fence posts . . . what kept him content the day long was the plentiful harvest of wild huckleberries dotting the landscape.  Even when Dad began bush-hogging, when he found a bush full of berries, he left it for L'il Keller-Man to imbibe.

So it was that the final hours of Sunday were filled with the noise of a tractor laying trash vegetation low; the discing of otherwise wild territory; and the chasing of bumble bees while the little boy waited.

Literally, we sat in the iron rocker, mere inches away from a bee who was so busy with his nectar harvest that he paid us no mind whatsoever!  (click on photo to enlarge!  Woot!)

It was peaceful ~ the wind rushing through the tops of the pine trees and brushing our unkempt locks against our brow.  The drone of the tractor behind us as we sat, waiting.  Oh, for the day to end, the Little One would pine - for the briefest of moments, before finding yet another earthy sight to hold his rapt attention.

Berries, berries, and more berries as Dad drove 'round and 'round.  Then suddenly, the Black Eyed Susan's come into focus -

 and it was time to gift Mom.

While he is such a patient child, and easily entertained by his own exploration, surely this day . . . this weekend  . . . was the largest he'd taken on.  The exhaustion could be seen in his eyes.

At the first opportunity, he fell asleep hard, sans a very necessary bath.

For Keller, this 'farm' business is for the bees.



Missus Wookie said...

Cool bee shot and love the Keller through the petal shot too. Black Eyed Susans are a favourite - one of the non British species I just have to sneak in. Memories of my childhood too.

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