Friday, April 29, 2011

20 Percent and Counting . . .

It was the third time, and the second in one week ~ the interminable wait in a doctor's office on Keeton's behalf. Because he'd broken his wrist "just so" and because they had to press it back into place, and because they were watching for the need of surgery, frequent x-rays were on tap for the little guy.

Today's wait consumed the better part of two hours before we were called, only to then be sequestered in a tiny cubicle of a room for another hour.  Once, I give grace.  Twice, quite an annoyance.  Three times?  Really uncalled for!

So, the patient three year old and I had to pass the time somehow.

Every magazine had been read.

Every song had been sung.

Every game had been played on the iphone.

We'd even brought the camera out for an impromptu photo session.

We were now into videos.  There was only 20% of juice left.  I determined that when the juice ran out, we were leaving, doctor or no.  An hour for every year of your age is just. not. right.

As Murphy's Law would have it, of course the doctor came in as soon as I made that mental decision.

Fortunately for Keeters, we hadn't left, as he is now sporting a half cast with vibrant colors.  :D


Karen/flutter2you said...

So sorry that you and Keeton had to wait so long for the doctor! I have another friend who also spent the better part of an afternoon waiting for the doctor, earlier this week, but after three hours, she left - with her year-old twins, and two older children. Whatever happened to common courtesy? When I worked for the dentist in VT, we would call patients if we were running behind, so they could either a. come later, or b. reschedule. Everyone's time is valuable - so that's the RIGHT thing to do!
Please post pictures of the new cast!

Charlotte said...

My experience was better today. It was an appointment for the 15yo, but the 3yo was along for the ride. We checked in, saw the doctor, had allergy tests, saw the doctor again and did it in just over an hour. I was pretty impressed. The 3yo was fairly good, but was lying on the floor by the end of the visit and fell asleep in the car on the way home.

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