Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Day Eight ~ Grousing About

I used the last of the oatmeal first thing this morning.

That should have been clue #1 that I'd be chasing my tail the day long!

Honestly, the past few weeks have been so busy I can scarcely keep my eyes from crossing, and today was no exception.  But I got to play with my camera.

Which makes everything All Right.  :D

My son, the actor, had an audition on tap, this one with specific instructions to submit in quicktime format.  I had the right tools ~ but I'd never needed to use them until today.  So . . . I sat upon the learning curve at every step. What usually takes a maximum of 2.5 hours, today took about 5 ~ double the normal man hours.

I walk away much more educated about my camera, though, so I'm happy.  Add to that, we finally replaced our defunct printer with a new one, it's predecessor.  The speed with which this mighty machine spits out images is amazing!  The photo quality?  Wow!

I might not manage 40 winks for another hour or so, but let me tell you . . . I'm blogging, if it snoozes even the hardiest of readers.  After all, I"m on a rehab track, which, to my knowledge is like double secret probation.

We all know we don't want the Blogger Police coming after me.

Now don't we?  :D
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