Thursday, December 09, 2010

Day Nine: Marathon Kitchen Klatch

Swabbing the deck . . .

Wiping the counters . . .

Finally resting my feet . . .

With a glass of excellent Riesling at my side ~ I've been in the kitchen for eight hours straight, I kid you not!

I've had a day-long cook on tap for several days, but even now, I've had to fit it in.  The morning was full of many tasks outside the house, so once I locked on, I was locked in!  :D

Here's a look at the menu:

*Sugar and Cinnamon Almonds (oh. my. gosh!  Thank you TTapp forums!!!)

*Homemade Hot Cocoa (because it's been indescribably cold here!)

* Spicy Black Beans (kudos to Amy's Table for this delicious dish!)

* 1-2-3-4-5 (Pork Ribs in Asian Sauce for multiple dishes, Thank you, Charlotte!)

*Bethany's Refried Beans with out the Refry (because I'm rehabilitating my boy . . .)

*Pioneer Womans' Burritos (paired with Bethany's Refrieds, to rehabilitate my boy . . .)

then . . . because I hadn't yet done enough!  A batch of

* Chicken Marinara (an amazingly easy dish, that pleases everyone in my house!)

I sliced and diced no less than four onions, a whole garlic bud, three jalapeños, and have lived to tell about it! :)

My freezer is well stocked now, my tummy is full, and I'm happy to report my family is equally happy this eve.  Hearing the noise of their delighted putting-up-the-Christmas-tree antics was well worth the foot wear.

While I've no photos of my delectables, I do have pics of the antics.  Wanna see?  :D

Ok, wait a minute . . . I"m wiped!  There is no way I've the energy to edit these pics, as fun as they are . . .  Choosers, use your imagination.

Tomorrow's post, comin' right up!  LOL


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Anonymous said...

Sugar and Cinnamon Almonds... can you share the recipe???

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