Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brotherly Admonition

The most amazing relationship exists between my two sons ~ there is no doubt they are connected in ways most siblings hope to connect with one another.  Yet, as Little ages, and begins to experience his gorwing independence in temper tantrums and stands of defense for his own way, there are times when Big has to exert his own perspective.

Such was the case yesterday morning, as L'il Man wanted nothing to do with the task at hand.  Israel, in an attempt to discuss the new course with him, found himself instead wrestling a tiger of a toddler.  Here is a glimpse of how the scene unfolded:

Are any further words necessary?  The gentleness with which Israel executed the redirection of the L'il Man was astounding - even while being kicked and scratched!

Hopefully, today will be less cantankerous.  We shall see . . .


1 comment:

Heather A said...

It is kind of sweet the way he lovingly holds him down by the throat. KIDDDING! I'm kidding. :>)
You can tell that he's trying to be oh-so-patient. :>) What a nice big bro.

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