Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The week leading up to July 26 was a whirlwind of activity.  Preparing to be away from home more than a month; preparing the school outline for the one child yet at home; preparing the book packing for the child to be schooled while away . . . and those were just the big items!

Then, the cross country drive.  Then, the premiere.  Then, a semi-vacation with my husband, all accomplished while taking over audition duties for my son (hence the semi-vacation!), then Gil's return home, leaving me with a full, full week ahead of me, including out of town guests . . .

One can imagine how well I soaked up today's lesser schedule.

The only task items were to begin school, prepare a meal, re-group mentally, emotionally, and physically through reading and some much needed down time, drop my son off at class and take the other to the park.

Yes, today I got to breathe.

What a glorious day it was!  :D

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Dawn Sodini said...

Hallelujah! for those days of rest! Enjoy!

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