Sunday, August 08, 2010

God Is Great

As I pen this blog entry, the day has waxed long.  I'm still encouraging L'il Man to go ahead and go to sleep; the house is quiet and Dell is quite comfortable next to me.

The frenzied pace of the last three weeks has blanketed my mind with an overload of details, making me quite unsure as to how I might extract this story or that in such a way as to make it relevant to here and now ~ and bring you-all up to speed on the status of all things Choice Central.

Perhaps the best way is to begin?

Then begin I shall.

I took Israel to the paintball field today, which is located just a few miles from our family favorite hiking spot, Vasquez Rocks.  Vazquez now harbors a whole slew of memories for me, for us . . . and today was no exception in creating a bookmark in the mind.

Today, Keller hiked with me, completely upright and on his own two legs!  We traversed the glorious countryside, wind whisping away at our hair; summit after summit spreading out before us with more grandeur that the first.  My littlest discovered that yucca plants are prickly, and his cheeks reddened at the exertion of climbing steep inclines.  He relished the shade of the big, diagonally ridged rocks, and took charge of calling to Dell as he trotted nearby.

This outing, no sling was employed, no stroller utilized.  Just me, and my dog, and my boy, hoofin' it across the hillsides.


Well, okay.  I confess.  The final leg of our trip, Keller had finally had enough.  He requested to be carried, and I threw him in the wrap, then onto my back, where he chatted with great animation about the events of the hike itself.

Pretty impressive, I say, that a 2.5 year old would take on such a journey.

What captivated my heart, however, was each time we hit a summit, and he'd say, and I quote:  "God is great!"

Yes, my Little Man.  God is great, indeed. 


Charlotte said...

That is just as good as my newly minted 3yo saying 'Shall we pray?'

Dawn Sodini said...

An awesome glimpse into the man he is becoming!

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