Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Image . . .

That floating Photobucket icon is driving me crazy!  :)

Even the DellDog feels a sense of consternation about it!

But he's no help, really . . . he tends to cavort about the Big City with us, so he doesn't have any time to handle the matter, either.

:sigh:  I suppose I'll have to force myself into a three or four hour lockdown and do a major overhaul.  I might even fix the typo in the banner.  Wouldn't that be great??

Here.  I'll set Dell at watch, to see that the job gets done:


Gotta love it!  :D


Cricket said...

Let me know what you figure with the floating icon...then I'll attack mine. ;) I'm LOLing that you still have not fixed the typo. You Hollywood types, I tell you.... ~snicker~ said...

That is really odd... I wonder what it is from? Do you have something programed for your background?

Dawn Sodini said...

The longer hair gives you an angelic look!

Have any idea when you will be home? It feels like weeks and weeks since you left. C's doesn't go back to work until after his dr. appt. 9/7.

McK is in the "girls room" sleeping 7-10 hours a night. She is a night owl like the rest of the family.


Cricket said...

Hey Angi- check out my latest brief blog post for what I did = a decent fix. (Thanks to Heidi or I'd not have thought of it...) At least it's able to be read w/o the blasted floating window. It'll do for now and is much better w/o the ghastly blue background that had mysteriously appeared. It's certainly and "Cutest blog" issue.

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