Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sharp Curve In The Road, Near The Rose Bush

Perhaps that blog title sounds a tad dramatic, but it concisely describes what occurred this evening as I opened up my photo stash, preparing to display a whole slew of new KBoyz pics . . .

As innocently as could be, I sauntered up to the tab bars on my wonderful Creative Memories Memory Manager software.  I had created three new file folders last night, and they caught my attention as I made my way to the folder named, appropriately, KBoyz.  As I did so, my eye glanced off of the folder heading just above the three new ones:  Grandpa and Grandsons Photo Shoot.
Oh yeah!  I had promised the GilGuy that grouping, so that he could forward them to his Dad.  The set taken with his trusty 35 mm that night had gone to the dogs.  It was up to me to save the day!  :)

So, save I did.  In one large formatted envelope, readying them for transport over the broadband wire.

And then, my heart stopped for one split millisecond.

I had forgotten.

I had forgotten about that photo.

Oh my.

My heart is still fluttering as I post it now, sharing it here with you.

 The poignancy of this photo just grabs me.  Some 86 years span this generation gap, young and old enthralled with one another, taking one another in.  The Elder explaining to The Younger.


There were lots of other photos that day.  I'm sure I'll share them, too.  But for now, I just want to soak in the beauty of this moment.

I hope that where ever you are today, you'll stop and smell the roses, too.

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Wendy said...

The perfect grandpa picture.

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