Sunday, May 02, 2010

Photographs and Memories

Jim Croce doesn't fully express the intent of my heart when I insist on photos of the GilGuy and I . . .

Yet his hauntingly beautiful song has the right title to describe me.

When I married Gil, I asked one request:  that we'd be sure to take photographs of ourself as a couple.  It didn't have to be fancy, didn't have to be expensive ~ just a photographic journal of sorts that could pen a note of it's own accord about us; our relationship.

Thus far, we have a collection of all:  from fancy and expensive, to fun and frivolous, to those that are destined to be destroyed because we look hideous in front of the lens!  LOL

As I readied my harddrive to accept a new folder for the month of May, I realized I haven't posted many of the photos I've taken.  So today, a photographic jog through the month of April, the GilGuy and the GilGal, enjoying one another's company!  :)

1 comment:

jmquilts said...

Ah... another bit of importance I forgot to include in our vows! >smacks head!<

WTG, Gil... good job at keeping promises. Your wife is gorgeous but you already know that. :)

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