Sunday, May 09, 2010

Safe Haven

About one week ago, there were torrential rains all through the night.  By mid-morning, the skies had cleared, and the routine of the day remained unhindered by any weather at all.  As the DellDog and I headed out for our walk, Keller in tow via the stroller, the full of my attention was garnered at the sound of an amazing cry for help by a tiny little kitten.

This kitten was doing his level survivorship-best to crawl out of the culvert, filled to the brim in rapidly running water ~ the leftovers from the nights' downpour.  He instinctively knew I was able to aid him, which I did, by plucking him gingerly out of the watershed, and into my arms.  Soaked through, and covered by debris, I called for and scoured the landscape for any other survivors.  None responded, none were seen.

The kitten with one less of his nine lives joined us on our walk about the lake.  He then secreted away in a travel kennel, while we wondered about the whereabouts of his momma.  By days end, she arrived, was reunited with, and released with her babe.  I assumed at the time that the kitten was the only living offspring she had.


Today, as the sun was beginning it's descent into the western edge of the sky, and I had planted the final seed into the warm soil prepared to receive it, I looked up, startled by movement in my peripheral vision.  My amazement was accompanied by a vocal gasp of surprise!  Here came Momma Kitty with her babe in her mouth, toward me, as if to say, "Here he is!"

I got up to move toward her, only to discover that she'd actually brought two babies with her.  I picked up the gentle kitten that I'd saved from certain death, and overcame the hissing and protests of the next little guy as I scooped him up as well.  For the next thirty minutes or so, we all became acquainted ~ one happy to see me, the other, mad as heck about this unusual turn of events in his little life.

Soon Keller was up from his nap and investigating this new discovery as well.  He, too, recalled the little one we'd saved, and was tickled as the kit followed him across the yard.

Giggling and sharing, mewing and hissing, faux nails attempting to scratch and recoil the ever approaching hands that only sought to comfort and caress.  Momma Kitty watched from a short distance away.  None of us noticed when she secreted away.  We were far too busy with her little ones.

She was still working, it became apparent, as, moving to the front yard after the garden no longer held our interest, we saw her from a distance.  Her tail was up, she was walking gingerly, then stopping, then moving forward again, ever turning to look behind her.

What's this?  We queried . . . well I'll be!  Two additional siblings were making the trek across the yard to join the rest.  The two newest members of the family proved nonplussed by the introduction of humans, and were delighted to have us cuddle and caress them.

At that, Momma Kitty settled down, allowing for a nurse of all four little ones.  I'm very glad she brought them out of hiding, so we can properly care for them, and find them a home, unhindered by wild notions that humans are frightening.  :)

The little man we saved from peril already has my heart.  I am especially glad I stumbled upon him that day.   :)


Dawn Sodini said...

Do you want another? We have one in a carrier as well awaiting pick up. Sweet little thing. How cute. They seem to think they belong in our insulation up under the house.

Wendy said...

What a great little story. Made my heart smile.

Marianne said...

How cool is that!!

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