Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Of This, With That . . .

Remember the kitten I saved from certain death?  And the three additional siblings that appeared on the front porch?  Well, they've stolen my heart, and there is no doubt I'm not getting it back any time soon!  Just look at those eyes!

A slight expression of utter terror as to what is about to happen next . . . and, a "come hither, you beautiful person" expression from the other:

I need this emotional escape!  After all, with Gil's Dad recovering from his car accident, Tiffany's purchase of the iphone, Bethany's booking of a new kitchen design, Aubrey's plan to restyle her hair, Keller's receipt of his first Sonlight Core, and Israel booking a new film . . .

Well!  Anyone can see the mother is overcome with a heart of gratitude (and a slightly adrenalinized experience) and therefore NEEDS the lovin' these little ones bring.

Yeah.  It's vital.  

1 comment:

Dawn Sodini said...

Enjoy the lovin'! Everything might be a blur but it will come back into focus soon!

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