Sunday, May 23, 2010

Square-Footin' 2010

Sharon at Flippin' Crazy asked me about my Square Foot Garden the other day.  I'd gotten a late start on this years' planting, so the sprouts were just peeking their heads through the soil when the query came.  Just as last year, the plants seem to have 'gigantic' in their genes!  In a few short days they've taken tall as an action verb.  :)

Here's a peek at this summer's wares:

Cucumbers, Radishes, Carrots, Green Peppers, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes . . .

The first Tomato Blossom, Saturday, May 22!  :)  This morning, there was a second.  :D

Ah . . . corn, sweet corn!

Plenty of beans . . .and in the second, smaller box, I've also Cantaloupe.  I had to germinate summer-hardy plants, so I'll be doing a fall sowing of things that I missed, like:  Lettuce, green onions, etc.

Last year, my mix in the larger, closest to the viewer box was off, so not all my plants produced.  I supplemented it, and it is going gang-busters!  :D  Happy, happy!

I can't wait for the first crop!


Mozer said...

Oh yours looks great! I have been working on mine this week. It's not as big as yours, but I'm still learning! :) Hopefully next year I"ll get to add a couple more boxes.

Sharon said...

I am LOVING this! I want to come over for a nice big square foot garden salad! HAHA!! I need to research fall and late summer planting, maybe late spring?... I want to do this! I wonder if I've missed the prime planting season?

~ Angi :) said...

Once I made the first box, I couldn't wait for the second! I want to add a third next year.

The SFG is intended to be used year round, Sharon. So, honestly, you could pick it up any season. :)

Dawn Sodini said...

I can't wait to see how the cantelope turn out! I might have missed it but have you done strawberries?

Thanks for the listening ear last week. "New monitor" started popping so we have "upgraded" not as wide as yours but HUGE to us!

No school for us this week so if you get bored again come on over!


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