Monday, September 21, 2009

The Case of the Missing Blogger

She knew she was lost, trapped in a maze of her own making.

The academic year had opened with a bang, taking the full of her attention; her grown daughters, each with new and exciting life happenings, had need of her sage advice and nurturing wisdom; the newly-minted-into-toddler-hood boy that had once quietly navigated his surroundings now engaged the world with flair and fevor.

She could look through a window of sorts, from the stacks of books and disheveled household, to the computer screen that beckoned to her from across the room. Gazing longingly, she wondered, "Will I ever be able to carve out blogging time again?"

She determined she'd make it work, only to be called to the side of a laboring Momma and her household . . . for a delightful week of assistance. "Alas," she considered. "Next week, then."

Then came the phone calls, the notes sent via instant messenger, and the emails - a clambouring horde of faithful readers, demanding their rights to read of the joys, the journeys, and the jumbled lives of those who make Choice Central what it is.

Therefore, mustering her inner strength, and a determination to blog come-heck-or-high-water, she found her way back to the Blogger dashboard, and Sunday's post to come with that familar ease she had previously employed.

Once lost, she is now found.

And happy, I hear, to be back in the blogging saddle again.


Anonymous said...

I have missed you!!! Love Mom

knit1kids4 said...

I've missed you so much!

Sharon said...

WOOHOO!! Love you chickie! :)

Karen/flutter2you said...

So poetically stated - Glad to see you're back on and still in one piece!

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