Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tot School [Tuesday] - Volume 18

Immersion training for tots, a la' ChoiceCentral style:

As you can see, Keller's form is near perfect as he snags the unattended laptop for his own personal use! LOL

Note his delight with all the available information on the web:

He surrounds himself with a dedicated team of cyber-slueths, determined to find the latest research available!

Yes, Tot School fans ~ there's nothing quite like immersion training for your youngster!

Our L'il Man is certain to have geek in his blood.


You can view more Tot School posts here. Enjoy!!


Brenda said...

This is amazing! What an incredible little boy. He is surely mirroring his environment. Awesome!
Do I detect an impish grin?

Bernadete said...

His smilke is adorable! My daughter to loves the computer too cute!

Luke said...



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