Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sleep Technique #35

It's no secret that Keller has been a sleep-challenged child from the get-go, a first in our house of five offspring.

Not too long ago, he suddenly, miraculously began sleeping through the night ~ and I was transformed into another woman! My energy levels returned immediately, and my outlook on life had an even rosier glow.

Alas, that window of time was brief. A stuffy nose ran it's course through our otherwise very healthy home, and L'il Man was not exempt. You guessed it - he started waking up again.

Enter Dimity Duck.

I began to notice that Keller was keenly interested in reading stories about others sleeping. He can sign 'sleep' like a champ, and he discusses the endeavor in spades as I take him to lay down.

Dimity began to make her mark on the lad.

So, I added Daisy to the mix. Yes, another sleeping book.

Sleepy Bear was next, and potent in it's witness of the value of sleep.

We've a new routine 'round these parts: reading stories about sleeping before we actually nod off . . .

So far, so good.

Now, if I could just get the concept of staying asleep in his head . . .


mary grace said...

Ugh. I have btdt. Atticus was fully 14 months of age before he slept through the night. From there, he was spotty for another few months. Now, he's our dead-to-the-world sleeper. Go figure.

Prayers for a good night's sleep for you!

Charlotte said...

My husband said that the best quality of a bedtime book is that they end with everyone falling asleep. We also sang a good night song and they could be wide awake and we would start singing it and they would start wiping their eyes. It was pretty cute.

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