Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wonder Woman, Meet Cast And Crew ~

Since we had the day off, I decided to get a jump on the laundry. It would save me the mad rush over the weekend, and, besides ~ I wanted to wear my pedal pushers again.

Wash - Dry - I knew the score - until Ooops!

I forgot about the clothes in the dryer until late . . .

I was reminded while talking to the office clerk of the hotel. One of the office personnel from Production came in, asking about the availability in the laundry room. I vocalised my apparent lack of dutiful laundry activity, and dashed out the door to remedy the situation. As I did, I overhead the office clerk discussing with the Office Gal about the broken machines.

The very ones I'd outsmarted.

I stood folding clothes when she walked in. Casually sauntering up to an available machine, she looked at each one carefully. I nodded affirmatively at her choice.

"That's the one I used earlier." I offered.

She began loading her wash.

Clink, clink, clink . . . her quarters dropped into the slots. She pushed the handle in and . . .


Faster than a speeding bullet, Wonder Woman appeared on the scene! (That would be me.) I turned quickly and said, "Oh! That happened to me earlier . . . let me help you!!"

I jammed the handle quickly, attempting to get the quarters to drop . . .


I began pounding on the sides of the change holder like a mad-woman -er, I mean - with my superpower strength - to no avail.

The Office Gal meekly attempted a save of her own.

Wonder Woman pushed her out of the way. "Here, let me try again!" Doubling my efforts, I pounded, er, I mean, Wonder Woman used her superhuman strength on the change box, then smacked the top of the machine very hard. Grasping the handle once again, and pushing with all my {cough} her might, we both heard the coins drop, and water begin to run instantly.

Wonder Woman stepped back, and smiled. Her job was done.

Then, suddenly, an awareness came over me at the Herculean feat I had just accomplished, with great fanfare, in front of an *almost* total stranger - certainly to her incredulous view; at the very least unrequested . . .

Giggling, she backed out of the laundry, thanking me profusely.

There I stood, staring after her, wondering just how foolish I had *really* looked ~ and if she had wanted my help at all . . .




Anonymous said...

I just love reading your posts... you are so funny!

Mozer said...

LOL! Great recount and description of the laundry situation :)

Karen (KayKay) said...

Very funny! I'm sure she was thrilled to have the help of Wonder Woman!

Sharon said...

Oh... I can just see every moment of that! haha! :-D

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