Thursday, July 09, 2009

All In The Family

Month's of practice and set building are behind Aubrey, as she now puts the final touches on her character, in readiness for Friday night's curtain call.

Seems none of us can escape the theatre these days, what with Studio Mom and Studio Dad having their respective duties of driving and call times . . . yet, the GilGuy has once again pulled back his sleeves and accomplished an extraordinary feat that should certainly place him on the Teamsters Union in the Prop Department. Take a look:

This camera my friends, didn't exist night before last. A replica of a real life 1930's camera made while-you-wait by the industrious, ingenius Gil.


Isn't it amazing??

Aubrey wasted no time trying it out, checking fit, durability, handling . . . she's got to be ready for the big night, ya know. :D

Wish her well ~ and Gil will be sure to have pictures for us by the end of the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is an amazing job! You go GilGuy!

gilSilvers said...

Aww, thanks. My next project is a time machine... :)

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