Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Canine Conundrum

One unique feature of this window of time that we're in, while my son, the actor films for the upcoming movie, is not that we as a family are separated into "Studio Mom" and "Studio Dad" camps. (Aubrey's theatrical performance in "Never mind How It Happened, How Did It End?" opens this weekend, and Gil has taken up the rehearsal duties thereof . . .) It's not even the fact that Israel and I and Keller are alone for an extended time together . . .

No, the unique feature is that The DellDog is living an existence he was not supposed to be living during this season.

You see, Dell was originally slated to go to Doggy Day Care for a couple of weeks. However, when news came that we had to board a jet plane in less than 42 hours, an impromptu decision was made to put him into Aubrey's capable hands for care and keeping. For us, a sound financial decision, saving us hundreds over a five-week course; for Gil, a compromise he'd allowed half-heartedly, knowing of the savings; and for Dell ~ well . . . a Canine Conundrum of epic proportions.

It's not that Dell doesn't love Aubrey; nor that he'd adore to finally win over the heart of the GilGuy; not even that he doesn't appreciate the comforts of home. In reality, he'd very much enjoy going to Doggy Day Care, because he loves his special digs, and it's a get away, a change of pace in an otherwise predictable world.

No ~ Dell's greatest delimna in life right now is that he is bereft of his two VIP people in the whole wide world. A veritable toss up as to whether or not he loves *me* or Israel more.

When we walked out the door, he began to droop inconsolably, devastated that he would not be allowed to go with the packed suitcases, and the people who bear them.

His life as of late has been comfortable, and he's adjusted. He even got to go along on the usual and customary trip to Lafayette that happens quarterly. Not too shabby for a fur-baby.

It was painfully obvious in the recent picture the Gil Guy sent me that Dell was doing the best he could to cope. If that included a sleep on Aubrey's bed ~ so be it.

After all: a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do!


~ Denise ~ said...

woof! woof!

(barks his cousin and brother who understand the left behind syndrome)

yip! yip!

(barks his cousin and brother who are thrilled that Aubrey and Gil get a little Dell lovin's)

Wendy said...

The fact that Gil took the picture could mean that he is warming up to the little guy. :)

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