Monday, July 06, 2009

The Best Things In Life . . .

. . . are digitalized!

How many self-portraits does it take to get that perfect shot?

For me, often, it takes many ~ with a ton of halarity sandwiched inbetween takes, as I and my portrait partner laugh and guffaw over the expressions we end up capturing.

"Deep Six that one!" is the usual rule.

Once in awhile, though, I get lucky. Like the above snap I caught with Keller: one shot. Clean as a whistle, with an ADORABLE smiling baby face looking into the camera to boot!

Twice in a row? Is it possible? Why, yes! It is!

Take The Aussie and I, for example: a flick of the wrist, an unusual angle . . . and CLICK! Gotcha! A keeper for the photo album:

Then there are those that are {shrugging my shoulders} okay - but nothing to write home about, necessarily. A moment in time, captured for the memory banks. The Aussie's Mum and I, exhausted after a very, very long week:

Little did we know at the time that what we thought was the Big Hurrah! entering into a peaceful weekend was only the start of the shenanigans the teens took us on . . .

As the old sayin' goes: "Hang on, Nellie! We're headed for the rhubarb!" Take a peek for yourself at My Son, The Actor for a run down of all things holiday weekend.

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~ Denise ~ said...

You look happy, studio-momma ;)

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