Thursday, July 16, 2009

For The Birds . . .

One may recall my uber excitement over the prospect of bringing home a few hens last fall. Well, all my excitement came to a screeching halt outwardly, consternation and a sort of despair inwardly.

I've not given up hope that I'll be able to house a few chickens soon . . . but the interminable wait has certainly taken on epic proportions in my mind thus far.

That was, until an amazing set of circumstances that came my way a couple of days ago! You see, L'il Man and I had routinely hopped on the shuttle that would take us and Israel to the new location for filming. Once arriving, Israel changed, headed off to makeup, and Keller and I determined to take advantage of the incredible weather and gorgeous shade trees just outside our fancy movie digs (read: a trailer).

I noted in Keller's ear that the nearby portable fencing was in place because someone had brought their puppy along for the day. I solidly fixated the lad on this fact, as he circled the fencing time and time again, repeating over and over . . . puppy? puppy? puppy?

How wrong I was.

Apparently, the psuedo fence was in place to house the movie star chickens while awaiting their appearance on the feature film!

Whilst Keller circled the ponderosa, up walked a Chicken Owner, and two Chicken Handlers (lovingly called Wranglers by the crew). These Chicken Wranglers had in their hand a lone hen, who was obviously distressed.

Like the young man from a few days ago, this little lady had no taste for all things Hollywood . . . the bright lights, cameras, and action did nothing short of ruffle her feathers.

Well, her cinematic loss proved to be Keller's toddlerhood gain, as for the rest of the afternoon, he toddled nearby her, curious as to her quick motion and anxiety-filled reaction to his pointing finger.

I stunned the Wranglers by sharing my knowledge of the chicken's breed; my knowledge of chicken tractors and coops; and all things relevant to such an endeavor of raising hens.
If I could only convince my husband that my knowledge bodes us well in the care and keeping thereof . . .



Anonymous said...

How funny all the knowledge you have... I'm sure it was quite a shock! Here's hoping you get some chicks!

Anne said...

Little Keller-man looks like he's saying to his Daddy, "Me and Mommy.... we'll get our chickens one way or another!"

~ Denise ~ said...

ha - Keller is sporting a mischievous look! ;0

Dawn Sodini said...

How interesting! Keller looks like he has it all planned out.

Mozer said...

LOL! Love Keller's expression.

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