Friday, October 17, 2008

Have I Mentioned The Chickens?

The last time I remember an all-out preparation phase of intense research, and internet oogling was when I found myself challenged with finding the perfect dog.

I succeeded in my mission. (Although my husband will vehemently disagree with me -smile-)

The DellDog is a swell companion, in my book. He's the perfect blend of loveable/snuggable coupled with independence. Loyal to family, guarding his territory, but friendly. Playful, yet sedate. Perfect. I love my Dell.

[ahem. where was I?] Oh yeah. The chickens.

The whole topic came up on yet another long-distance phone call one day. A casual mention of the word 'chickens' opened up an entire discourse between us ~ and the discovery that we were both thinking the same thing at the same time. "We should get some chickens!"

Since that time, there has been a flurry of back and forth research links; discussions among our peers; and a narrowing down of our chicken choices.

Chicken choices?

Yes. Chicken choices.

I thought you might like to come along on this adventure, Choosers. Since many of you live vicariously through me [us] anyway, why not? :D

Here's where we currently stand: I want this chicken coop:

It is otherwise known as a Chicken Tractor ~ but you and I both know there ain't nothin' tractor-like about the aforementioned device! Some might even call it a Chicken Ark . . .but, well, I'll just leave that one alone. I'm not certain how well it would float.

Gil, my handiman extraordinaire, aka: McGilver has a completely different type of contraption in mind.

This could get scary, folks.

However, rest assured that no matter what form of housing our soon-to-be-adopted-chickens find themselves in, it will be well-built by one of the best hobby carpenters in the south.

Stay tuned. I'm sure this ride's gonna be a fun one.



Dawn Sodini said...

Chickens!? Sounds like fun. If you care to share your discoveries- I'm curious.

Karen/flutter2you said...

Um.... who's going to be responsible for the aforementioned chickens??? Gil??? Angi???? The teens???

Good luck - and I'm sure my twin Keith would immediately tell you "DON'T DO IT!!!" He didn't like raising chickens when he had to do it, and it took a long time before he'd eat chicken again..... I think he does now.... Have you REALLY thought this one out?????

Charlotte said...

We had chickens and a moveable chicken coop. My dad moved it over the garden area. They pulled out the bermuda grass and fertilized the garden. They ate our table scraps and leavings. They were better than a compost pile. We didn't have any roosters and we were fortunate in our neighbors, so you might want to keep that in mind.

Robin's Reports said...

I don't know if you remember me from SL forums but I check in sometimes with your blog. I have to say that I loved my chickens that I had all year. They were a 4H project turned into lifelong lesson. Loved them but recently found them homes due to severe allergies to them & the hay.

Feel free to ask me any questions or browse my site that has plenty of chickens pics on it. If you're going to do chickens, remember that the moveable coop is nice but mine wanted OUT to free-range. If not, they squawked LOUD. Clip their wings to keep them in the backyard.

Get plenty of advice at (or something like that).

Good luck.
Robin of FL

mary grace said...

I have always coveted that coop. (I know that it is wrong to covet and that, quite possibly, it is even a greater sin to covet a chicken coop, of all things. But there you have it. I'm more chicken sinner than chicken dinner.)

As for the TYPE of chicken ... I vote for the Jersey Giant Bantam. I have absolutely no experience with this breed, but they are so pretty that I (ummmmm) covet them.

Now I just need to do away with our neighborhood association rules and get on with the farmin'.

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