Thursday, October 16, 2008

The County Fair

There is a moment each year at the County Fair: when the judges have moved through the host of entries; and logged their votes; and placed the ribbons; and the row upon row of tables finally stand silent.

Where have the participants gone? Who is left to view their wares?

Nearby, in the show ring, the Best of Show stands at attention, bearing proudly the ribbon upon the halter, while the owner, beaming, holds the trophy.

Here is where the crowd has gathered. Cheering and clapping wildly, some rising to their feet, others giving nod of acknowledgment.

Winners, in their various places.

Yet winners just the same.

Israel has officially received a Blue Ribbon. High marks. Judges fave.

The trophy, however, goes to the Best of Show in the arena.

In this case, experience has given way to the offer of a wild card in an industry where the stakes are high.

We give God the glory.

Congratulations to the Best of Show.

Hugs of

"I'm proud of you, son!"

and the momentary nod to disappointment, all while holding that Blue Ribbon high.

What an honor indeed.

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