Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Box Of Toys

The box of toys arrived yesterday.

The toys we'd acquired for Keller while in Michigan. I had to make consessions somewhere in the packing-for-a-month-or-more-stay, and the cut came at familiar playthings for the L'il Man.

Unwittingly, we garnered quite a stash of items. One here, one there, a clearance sale on books, a nifty item he'd found during a store run that his interest was keen on . . .

Originally, I had intended to gift any items to the local Salvation Army, for another to enjoy. Yet, as I watched Keller play with these items with genuine engagement and enthrallment, I determined I'd not rob him of his newfound skill-building toys.

Into a box they went, and off to the post office, hopefully to meet us when we arrived home.

Just as L'il Man expressed joy over the familiarity of our home upon returning, so he dove into the box of items sent from Michigan just for him.

I'm glad I chose the route I did.

He's playing happily behind me, stacking and unstacking; placing puzzle pieces and moving parts.

What a wonderful way to spend the morning ~ for all of us. :D

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