Monday, July 27, 2009

My Loss, My Gain

Time spent in Michigan fed a hobby of mine, photography, and whet my appetite for a new camera even further.

My trusty sidkick currently serves me quite well . . . it's learning curve long since mastered, it's silver body scuffed, and it's lcd window complete with a permanent fingerprint attached. (Thanks, kids!)

I still remember the trip to the store to purchase it, the GilGuy's gift to me one Mother's Day. I began to notice it's limitations about the time Gil purchased his own camera, a model one step below mine ~ the shots he obtained were crisper, more consistent, due to the fact that his device carried less options. A bit of consternation began to build within, but I knew to be content . . . after all ~ my model served me well.

Enter the internet scuttle surrounding the Canon Rebel. I heard review after review, from stranger and emaginary friend alike about it's virtues. I set it in my mind as a look-see for some future dated buy.

Of this I spoke to no one, so it was a surprise when the GilGuy brought the subject of a new camera a month or so ago.

Not only did her Cannon d40 with the pimped out lens snag amazing shots, her technical expertise was identical to mine when she purchased it: in need of a bit of dusting off. [Which she did, and now towers over me in that department!]

When she shared this information with me, I immediately knew I could brush up on my 35mm skills and handle the d40.

I've been testing store models ever since. Not quite certain when I'll plunk down the cash for one, but it's on the horizon, nonetheless.

The weekend has ushered in our world of normality and routine, and the loss of Keller's pal Shannon; my newfound photog friend . . .

However, that loss has also been gain, as, even though I don't have a new camera in hand, I *do* now own Shannon's select choice of photo editing software.


I'm getting my fingers into the learning curve as we speak. :)
Shannon has showcased L'il Man on her blog, the post found here. Why not go take a look at her work, and Keller's newfound love for being in front of the lens! :)


Dawn Sodini said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend! Eric says we must know each other "really well".

Mozer said...

She took some great pics. of Keller! Now I have a decent camera, but am in desperate need of new software. It takes way to long to do photo edits and conversions. Glad you had a good trip!

Anonymous said...

She did get some great shots of Keller!

I'll stick with my Nikon D40... I love it! It's like homeschooling.... gotta pick what you love!

Paula said...

"Silly." He IS so stinkin' adorable. ;o)

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