Monday, May 18, 2009


Words are inadequate to relate the effects of the adrenaline rush that accompanied Israel's little prank on Friday; the waiting surrounding word on his callbacks from 2000 miles away; and the subsequent landing of a role thereof. It rendered me sleepless; overcharged with thoughts moving at the speed of light. The effect I describe placed me in some sort of weird-o dimension that I could not seem to find the edge of, in order to pull my mental and emotional being back to a stable state.

It was for this reason that I found great solace in the two hour window of time alone while I waited for Aubrey, outside of the community theatre, as she rehearsed inside.

It was this window of time in which I chose to settle my thoughts by focusing on the Word of God, and allowing my eyes to read nothing else; my mind to consider no less; and my body to remain completely relaxed in His presence.

The Lord was faithful to meet me, and calm me; stabilize me, ground me. I was grateful.

I slept, and awoke yesterday morning. My husband and I completed two more square foot garden boxes. We were awaiting the arrival of our son, who had been picked up at the airport the night before by his oldest sister, Bethany. Just as we finished the task before us, here they were.

My boy looked as though he had just tumbled out of bed (he had) and he meandered over to us. Our intial conversations were marked with love and joy at seeing each other once again, and congratulations and questions about his whirlwind experience. Soon, Israel turned to greet the DellDog, stationed very nearby on a stake out.

I loved what I was seeing. My son was grounded.

No inflated ego; no bravado; just all boy, glad to be home.

Soon, Gil and I could hear the sound of Israel's guitar wafting over the spring air through his bedroom window, evidence that he was settling in. We smiled.

The day would continue, and we would fellowship with our friends, study the Word together, and then, returning home, as a family, tidy our house.

We'd watch That Darn Cat!; Gil and I would issue parental corrections and engage in family conversations. Popcorn would be munched, and Keller would be played with.

It was a beautiful day. I was grateful.

We can only guess at what shifts might occur over the next segment of The Adventure journey, but through it all, our prayer is that we be vessels of honor unto His glory, producing His fruit, unto His intents and purposes.

Through it all, may we be grounded.

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Heidi/MominWA said...

Ang! How exciting about Israel! I've been AWOL on SL for a few weeks...moving and then my access is gone. Trying to get an order together to get back on, but came looking to see what's up with you. So glad I did! Yahoo! (And what a stinker. NOT a funny trick he played!) Email me!

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