Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tot School Tuesday (on Thursday!) The Delimna.

What do you get when you mix Two Terriffic Toddlers (that'd be the KBoyz) and Carissa's latest New Tot Books Ideas posting?

Me. In the kitchen. With the iron.

Here's how it all went down:

Since Keeton has been in tow this week, I've simply put him up to the table with Keller, his own tray and manipulatives before him. I've been keenly interested in the differences in motor skills/conceptual understanding comprehension/desire levels in these lads, a mere six weeks apart.

KeetBeet really enjoys threading beads, and will spend quite a bit of time doing so; whereas L'il Man enjoys transferring items from one container to another much more.

I'd been toying with the idea of the Tot Books, considering the different options available, etc. yet I wasn't totally sold on them, thnking that the Boyz weren't quite old enough to engage one. That, and the fact that I didn't own a laminating machine.
Yes, there are hundreds of notes in my Toddler Plan Book of Ideas: matching games, pictures of this, and that . . .all best served into a toddlers hands under the watchful and sturdy care of lamination!

I had priced out the self-laminating sheets and choked.

You see: I had an ENTIRE package of laminating papers in the back room. An item added to our home when the GilGuy took up the mantle of husbandry and fatherhood for our home. The only problem? They needed the machine.


Carissa's simple, yet profound idea of keeping the Tot Book components in an "Activity Folder" status finally pushed me over the edge of "Just Do It!" Of course it was the solution! Of course it caused all the elements to be presented in easily digested/handled format!

I simply *had* to overcome my laminating woes.

That's when the thought struck me: Laminating paper is no different than iron on transfers!!

Omigosh! Suddenly, the possibilities were before me in wide, attainable array ~ at practically -zero- cost to me! YAY!

So, the effort began:

Within a two hour period, I successfully printed, cut out, prepared, and LAMINATED each component (in need of laminating!) all whilst commandeering the two tots underfoot, preparing supper, and engaging two teens and a husband singlehandedly!


The library has Five Little Monkeys on shelf. I'll be picking it up today. Soon, it'll be nothing short of a bunch of monkey business 'round here!

The moral of my story?

One doesn't always need the high end tools used by some. Once in a while, when a tool really is handy to the point of being quite important (due to toddler age), let creativity be your guide, and determine to go over, under, around or through any hindrances that stand in your way!

Frugal means to utilize the highest quality product at the best price.

Get out yer IRONS, girls! This handy invention can revolutionize your Tot School Activity Books!



~ Denise ~ said...

You never cease to amaze me with your resourcefulness and creativity! You are a star! ;)

Carisa said...

I love this post, thanks for sharing!!!

:) Carisa

jmquilts said...

Well, aren't you something!! Oh what fun! :)

Charlotte said...

Very clever

knit1kids4 said...

So you used an iron and regular laminating paper? Then you placed the object you wanted to laminate between the paper and used your iron to melt it?

Seriously.... I will use this new knowledge with much excitement! And I love the Tot site you told us about. I even found a TOY LENDING LIBRARY!!! in my area so I have less to invest!

Anonymous said...

To save money, but maybe a bit harder to handle if you let it. Try clear self adhevise shelving paper. I use this to lanamate my pictures that I mail as postcards, to keep them nice an tidy. Mom

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