Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Studios -R- Us

It dawned on me y'all might like to catch a glimpse behind the scenes of how we're doin' Hollywood at the present. Of course, this brilliant idea on my part didn't occur until AFTER I had actual [miniscule] footage with which to present a visual to you, AND left the building. Therefore, the few moments are a mere shadow of what actually occurs when we put the boy "On Tape."

Herein you will not see the tidy, acoustically tight, professional surroundings of an actual tape demo studio in L.A. Rather, a very generous offer of time, space, and resources by my oldest daughter's employer, an architect-turned-professional-photographer.

I could not be more grateful for his cooperation, assistance, and affability (your vocab word of the day!) His studio equipment is top-notch, and perfect for our current course of action, as we await our return to Cali.

After we set up equipment, we do a camera check, to be sure the center is on center; check for shadows and lighting, do a script run through, a slate, and about half a dozen takes of each scene. Depending on how long the script is/how many scenes there are determines how long we will engage in the process.

As a double bonus today: Not only do you get a small glimpse behind the scenes, you also get to gaze upon my beautiful family! The lovely Bethany, and of course, one half of the KBoyz, Keeton! Enjoy! :)

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~ Denise ~ said...

yeah, you got a great fam chickie! ;)

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