Friday, March 20, 2009

Tot School Tuesday (On Thursday - Again) -or- Volume 2

Actually, make that "On Friday." (Evidently, I've been lost in some sort of time-space-continuum, with thanks going to the LA events at large!)

Humor aside, I have been otherwise mentally detained this week and, as a result, Keller has been engaging in the usual and delightful free form play of an almost-18-month-old boy. However, two things (wait, make that three!) occurred that I'll chronicle as a log-in for Tot School.

  1. Carisa's Cars: Upon seeing Carisa's Cars posting, a light bulb went off *immediately* in my mind. Keeton is absolutely enamored with the Cars movie! I determined that, even though Keller wasn't a tad bit interested in the flick, I'd create the lapbook for Keeton, and he'd enjoy it just fine. I downloaded and printed the various components. As I prepared to assemble them, I decided last minute to treat these items like an Activity Packet. As such, I would need to laminate the individual pages. I did so. And then ~ an amazing thing happened! Keller saw the Car Colors. He went crazy. "Dar! Dar!" he exclaimed over and over and over and over and over . . .His intent being the word "car." Needless to say, Keeton has not yet laid eyes on his intentioned gift. Instead, Keller has spent countless hours, toting around his 'Car Color' cards and laying them out on coffee tables, on the floor; putting them in bags and boxes, and taking them out again. Who knew? I am thrilled! :D

  2. Request for Tot Trays: Yesterday was the mother of all patience-employing days. When one wants the phone to ring, it is guaranteed to not ring. End of story. :D Keller awoke from his nap and joined me in the kitchen, where I was preparing a delicious concoction which we've yet to eat ('cuz I decided to NOT try out something brand new on company thenkyewverymuch!) Keller was very interested in the counter top, and I simply could not hold him. That's when I realized he was repeating "Ta-ta . . .Ta-ta!" I queried him, "Tot Trays? are you saying Tot Tray, Keller?" His over-the-top excitement at hearing the phrase produced an immediate response in me ~ a mad dash down the hall to the supply box and a quick make of three trays. The lad sat contentedly at the table for about 40 minutes, happy, happy to be manipulating the various trays' findings. Wow.

  3. Ducks and Monkeys Everywhere: So, the Five Little Monkeys' Activity Pack that I so lovingly put together has taken alot of patient presentation to conjure up any interest on Keller's behalf. After five days, he is just now enjoying the rhythmic cadence that the book brings, and is realizing that the cadence and the book are connected. I'm not sure why jumping monkeys aren't striking his fancy, but they are not. Go figure. HOWEVER! Carisa's introduction of a plush pet to accompany the Activity pages fired yet another piston in my brain (and finally! I understand why marketing a plush pet with a book and/or movie is so powerful . . .). The plush pet brings a character into the realm of tangibility. OH. I get it! (It only took me five kiddos to do so! LOL) So . . . I scrounged up the little plush duck to add to our library book offering: Dimity Duck. Oh. My. Gosh! I so enjoy that book! To my delight ~ so does Keller! He'll happily sit on my lap, clutching Duckie while I read not only Dimity to him, but also another duck board book we've owned for some time. I'm nothing short of thrilled!

So, there you have it Tot School Fans. Our Tot School week in a nutshell, with all it's crazy curves and unexpected learning moments.

I can't wait to see how this kid turns out. :D

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TheRockerMom said...

I'd love to try the lap books and activity packs with RockerTot, but I'd like to have a laminator first. What a great post. Thanks for sharing!!

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