Thursday, March 19, 2009

From Hollywood, With Love . . .

The reality is: he's fourteen. Blissfully ignorant of the greater stress of life; painstakingly present in the moment.

This is why I love him. Pure. Unabashed. Real. Boy.

For the scrapbook's sake, I'm calling yesterday's email a keeper. I'll splay it out here, for all Choosers to see. And Mom's of boys to relate to. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

Hey Mom,

Things are going pretty well. I'm having fun. I don't miss you just yet. O.O But I am having a good time. Yesterday Susie and I went to StarBucks and this guy with no teeth was asking me a bunch of question, and getting in my face. He wasn't trying to be rude but since he had no teeth he was spitting on me. It was nasty. Then we chilled outside with some of Susie's friends.

Frank and Lois said I went to bed early last night and the dogg, Charlie and Lassie. Were cuddled up next to me. I miss Dell. Is he ok? ^_^

Well I'm about to go to my [****] test.

I'll talk to you later. Izzie.....You don't like "Izzy." .....I clearly said "Izzie."

P.S. Do you mind loading a bit more money on my card. I don't want to buy something i can't afford.

(Oh. And remind me to duct tape him when he gets home for saying "Izzy." "Izzie." No matter how ya slice it . . .Momma ain't happy with the moniker!)
Enjoy your day, as the process continues, and the wait tarries long!


Sharon said...

Gotta love it! :)

I must have missed it?? What's up with "Izzie"? LOL

jmquilts said...

So he signs off with a name you don't like and THEN asks for more money?????

Hmpf! ;)

Mrs.Stewart said...

Well, he is trying to be sensible. He doesn't want to buy something that he doesn't have money for!!!!! LOL

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