Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok, I'll fess up.

I give.

I'm outed.

Yes, Choosers, I readily and humbly confess my recent slacker photog status. It's true. My flaw has been revealed to me by a poignant photo, the likes of which took my breath away.

I've determined (although I don't have the word first hand yet -I did ask- ) that Jamie at has a personal photographer. You know, like a top executive has a Personal Assistant. Her photos are neatly tagged with a signature line, which directs one to the website of Desirea Rodgers, and all her skillful work.

How can this be? How can Jamie manage to have a photographer follow her around, shooting images of "a day in the life of?"

It's a conspiracy, I tell ya.
Or a friendship.
Or, a plot to cause me to covet.

[I shall not covet! I shall not covet!]
UPDATE! This just in from Jamie: Yes, we keep Desirea in a cage and let her out everyday when it's time for a blog photo! (Not really, although that would be great! You're right, she is amazing.)

I think *I* want a personal photographer. :D

Oh, wait ~ I am an amateur photog, with a fairly good eye. What am I complaining about? LOL

Maybe it's those take-your-breath-away shots I've seen on her site that cause one to awe and wonder over the beauty of parenthood.

Or, maybe it's because Jamie herself is beautiful, and she photographs well.

I may never know the innate draw . . . but I do, Choosers, heretofore and with repentant and remediated heart, promise to hold out on you no longer.


Who knew the power of personal reflection whilst awaiting word from LA?




Sharon said...

haha... you are so silly... girl you take beautiful photos! Now hop to it... grab that camera run to the first thing you see and start snapping!! ;)

Luke said...

Such a good point: We so often hold back because we aren't as good as someone else.

I was once bemoaning my lack of sketching skills, and my friend looked at me and said, "You have a unique style. I think most people think that they aren't as good as someone else when, in reality, they are just different."

And, really, how can we get better if we don't at least try?


Jamie Jo said...

Some Jamies have all the luck.... Not sure I'd actually want someone snapping photos like that.

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