Monday, March 23, 2009

Strike That

I was intentioned on a certain and specific blog post this morning. It entailed digging through photo files from February, and engaging in a little editing, but I was perfectly willing to do so.

That's when I happened across this photo, and everything changed:

"Draw From Here!" the card shouts. "Star Performer!"

It was as though the box in the photo came alive on the Israeliboy's behalf this morning, as we [still] await word on the next and final step of the discovery and decision process, completed by those in the entertainment industry.

"Humdinger!" the label reads. "Don't you know this Star Performer is a humdinger of a catch? Draw from here! Choose him! Go ahead! You won't be disappointed!" it seemed to be declaring to the movers and shakers, those decision makers.

As my son enters into week 2 of his '"alone" in LA' stint, I'm fairly certain the show must go on . . . and that he remains oblivious to the scrutiny he is under.
Ah well. Let him be a kid and enjoy himself. His Mom and Dad ~ and a host of others who love him ~ will keep watch for the latest memo to be arriving soon . . .


~ Denise ~ said...


Luke said...

I'm waiting to what's happening (and the outcome). Sounds pretty exciting [smile].


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