Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Love, From Hollywood

Upon checking my inbox this morning, I found yet another item for the scrapbook:

Hey Mom.

Tonight was awesome. We went to the place where we filmed on tape (where I had to sing for the audition. The studio was on the second floor in the apartment building, and the guy had lemons for my teeth). I went in the studio, while everyone else was in a little theater watching me on a projector screen. Steve was talking to me through a mic from the theater. It's a new thing Steve is doing. Every last two weeks of each month we record our stuff. Well today I didn't expect anything that was thrown at me, and I sucked. Very bad. I didn't even finish filming the whole scene. But afterwards we all watch what we had. It was really cool. We got home at 10:30! If there is any news message me.

I love you, and I'm kinda starting to miss you. But not much


Well, Israel ~ I love you - and I'm kinda starting to miss you, too. But not much. And especially not in a smother-mother-sappy-gooey-kissy kinda way. Nope. Not me.



~ Denise ~ said...

Ang - ya know your missing him totally in the smother mother kinda cool mom kinda way! lol ;)

Missus Wookie said...

Suspect there are deeper feelings there myself :) Glad you're getting some contacts tho!

Sharon said...

That is so wonderful Angi. You must just want to burst with joy to see him accomplishing so many of his goals. :)

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