Friday, January 23, 2009

Time To Try My Hand . . .

at a meme! I read many, but rarely participate. Today, and exception to the rule! Prompted by cusmyle.

I Am: Scrambling to keep up with my 15 month old son, who awoke at o'dark-thirty, now into everything!

I Want: Several things that seem out of my reach right now. As a result, I've taken my desires and laid them upon the Lord as a sacrifice, and requested that He purge my heart and give me His desires.

I Have: A deep sense of appreciation and respect unto the Word of God - and renewed vigor toward ingesting it daily.

I Wish: I could order my world to my liking. That would, in part, entail geographically scooping up my home and property, planting it somewhere nearby my family in the Nebraska panhandle, adding some pastureland, a fence and a few horses. Then, I'd snap my fingers, my husbands employer would open a facility just down the country road, wherein he could walk to work daily in the Nebraska chill. Furthermore, my big girls would be equally removed from their Mississippi employment and successfully, gainfully be employed in the heartland. After that? Well, give me a moment to rest, then I'll add to! LOL

I Fear: That I'm missing out on something big.

I Hear: Keller babbling to Aubrey as they move down the hallway.

I Search: For a new apartment today for my older girls. I pray we find something nearby, in the countryside, within their price range.

I Wonder: If I'm going to enjoy this year.

I Regret: Not being capable of loving my friend better in her final days. My heart still aches, I miss her so.

I Love: The fact that I've survived, by God's grace, an unusual, painful, and difficult adulthood with the joy of the Lord as my strength. I love that the Lord delivered me, and set my foot in a large place. I love my Lord for His saving power, and His grace that has molded and shaped me into who I am today. I love that He who began a good work in me ain't finished yet!

I Dance: Regularly in my kitchen. Now if I could only get my husband out on a *real* dance floor . . .

I Sing: Alto, with gusto. Thanks, Dad. :)

I Never: Want to be found outside the Body of Christ, lost without Him.

I Rarely: Get to experience the delight of horseback riding in Nebraska anymore.

I Cry: When I've been injured emotionally.

I Am Not Always: Willing to do the paperwork; the hard physical task

I Am Confused: As to why theologians, seeking to know God, end up reducing God to the level of mere humanity.

I Need: More social outlets

I Should: Begin the paperwork for this years' taxes . . .

Alright! TAG! You're it! Comment back if you are participating, so we can learn each other more! :D


~ Denise ~ said...

Nice job, chickie! ;)

Dawn Sodini said...

I did it too. Mine isn't nearly as upbeat as yours- but then again God ain't finished w/ me either- Hallelujah!

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