Thursday, January 22, 2009

Of Virtual Games And Skill Sets

There is no doubt that I, as a Mother-Again-Mom, am more in tune with my baby's developmental milestones than I was as a Mom at say, oh, the age of 20. I'll not go into the whys and wherefore's of such. What I will do, instead, is fawn over my sons advancements into communication, physical dexterity, and mental acumen.

Just yesterday, L'il Nursing Man looked up at me, meal in mouth, and signed "milk." When my reaction was a-ga-ga over his accomplishment, the corners of his mouth curled in a smile response as he repeated himself over and over, further solidifying the melting of my heart into a puddle of love.

This may seem dull, boring, dry, and worth a yawn in most peoples' book. I understand that. I, however, am drinking it in, soaking it up, and being fed by listening to the littlest in our home.

You see, I've been signing to Keller since he was about six months old. Some babies will pick up signing very quickly, and begin communicating this way by the eighth month mark. I had hoped Keller would do the same. Alas, while it was evident he knew what I was saying, he was not yet ready to return the speech to me until very recently, topping 14 months before he chose to speak with sign.

It is no surprise that my older son would also cross such milestonesas a teen. As we played Settlers of Catan for the umpteenth time again last night, Israel displayed advanced strategic skills that tipped the game in his favor again and again. It is not lost on us that he is quick to learn and apply new skills. Indeed, my veteran software engineer of a husband, and html expert thereof, sat dumbfounded at a small glitch in the young mans' web page that he was unable to discover and fix. No doubt morning light has uncovered the problem, repaired by Genius Boy himself.

Therefore today, I am mindful that no small synapse of brain wave is ever wasted; no little moment of connection and camaraderie of small value. As pots and pans are whaled upon with spoons and spatulas obtained from the kitchen drawer, I'll smile, knowing that growing is happening before my very eyes.

It's a fine day for a game of virtual peek-a-boo, don't you think?


atara said...

So true and so awesome!

Dawn Sodini said...

Hope this blessing carries through to each detail of your day!

Karen (KayKay) said...

Isn't it wonderful, Angi? I wish I could do it again - kind of - sort of. Anyway, it's wonderful to hear about it from your point of view.

Anne said...


Anonymous said...

A fine day indeed. :)

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