Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Settling For the Cat-scan

It suprised me just a bit.

The relief I felt when the doctor looked at me, almost puzzled, and said, "Now WHY did we need to take this CT Scan?"


A mom's heart 100% relieved to hear all is well in her world. And that of her blossoming, beautiful daughter. :)

So, the evening ended on a high note ~ er, rather, an adventure note! What better way to celebrate health, than to celebrate family with Family Fun night! :)

An intriguing game, this Settlers of Catan.

Given to us by special friends, about to embark on thier own adventurous journey to another land.

Thanks, guys.

You have blessed us. :)

1 comment:

Sunshyne said...

Life is good! So glad Aubrey is well, and that good times were had.

All this "investing" stuff is getting me teary, now.

I don't wanna think about it!


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