Monday, January 26, 2009

A-Waiting The Fair Trial Blues

I'm on hold, in que for jury duty this week.

The obligatory phone call last night, directing me as to my actions today (whether to appear before the jury pool, or remain and dial again tonight) comes with both a sense of relief, and an acknowledgement of duty.

Three times I've been called for jury duty in my life. I'd very much enjoy the opportunity to serve the justice system in this way, and I *almost* had my chance, the very first time I was summoned.

Enduring the rigorous questioning that left one stripped down to basic beliefs that may aid the defendant's right to a fair trial, I and eleven other individuals took our place in the jury box. Let the trial begin.

Alas, within an hours' time, a mistrial was declared, and We The Jury were unceremoniously dismissed.


The second call for my time came as I walked the earth heavy with child. The L'il Man was gestating comfortably ~ but I wasn't so certain that I'd jur-itate in equal comfort! Fortunately, the judge agreed with me, and I was allowed dismissal.

I cannot imagine having to leave my baby boy behind, should I be placed this week. Therefore, I'm conflicted.

Drumming my fingers, waiting . . .

How about you, Choosers? Jury Duty, anyone?


Karen (KayKay) said...

Hopefully you can just be on a short trial so that you can get the experience but not be away from your little guy for too long.

A couple of years ago I was on a trial that lasted over two weeks. The charges were murder/attempted murder/drug dealing. It was interesting, sad, scary at times. The process was fascinating and I'm glad I had the opportunity to participate.

~ Denise ~ said...

Why? that's all I want to know. Why? Why can't I be picked for jury duty? sheesh!

Theresa in WV said...

I've been called to duty twice, but never got to serve. I was questioned for one of them, but dismissed because I hate baseball.

jmquilts said...

I was scheduled once. The case was canceled the night before. I was glad because I wasn't very healthy then.

LeAnne said...

not fair! i was recently summonsed (is that a word?) and had to call in every week for 5 weeks. i was excited to have my number called up.. but alas, the day of trial, it got cancelled and i didn't have to report. major let down...

Debi said...

You can and should be able to be excused because of his age and that you are his primary caregiver. They are not going to pay you enough for your honey to miss work, to watch you little man.
Without question, if you are still nursing.
But I do believe, well at least back in FL, children under a certain age and it pretty much kicks you out of the running.
But I don't know about where you are, it could be different.

Rose said...

I begin the call in on 2/12. So far, I've rescheduled all the ortho appts for each of my dc, just in case. I don't get an automatic pass now that Emma is over 8yo (primary caregivers of children under 6 are automatically excused her in Palm Beach County). But I'm okay with that. I really do hope I get my chance to do a little civic service.

Beth said...

Nope, I've never been called. Dh has though. He served on a jury in Alaska...I think, it may have been FL. It was interesting.

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