Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lively Liver Love

Since Fred was removed from the premises, Dell was restored to his primary position in the animal kingdom of Domesticated Animals That Live At Our House.
This called for a celebration of sorts, even if only in the DellDog's mind.

What to do?


Lots and lots of tricks for his Ma.

See? He comes when called, and sits on command!

Liversnaps are his favorite!

Egads! Look at those canines, will ya?

"Delish!" says Dell. "Got anymore of those??"

Meanwhile, the neighbor dog looks on longingly.

Poor baby. All alone, behind the fence . . .

From the looks of things, I'd say she loves liversnaps too . . .


~ Denise ~ said...

Oh, Dell puppy!! Handsome fresh-haircut-butt! ;)
Love the pics, Angi...nice capture of his cuteness. Why, oh why, though doesn't he dig nylabones? hmmph! His brother and cousin are dismayed at that. lol

Karen (KayKay) said...

Great pictures Angie. Glad Dell is recovered from his run-in with the neighbor.

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