Monday, December 15, 2008

I Was Certain

. . . that Ree had driven down from Oklahoma to visit me.
After all, wasn't that her Basset Hound, Charlie, that I spied in my front yard??

Charlie, Ree's Basset Hound, courtesy

As Gil called me outside to see the incredible sight, I was overcome with the gush of fawning-over-uber-cuteness that can overtake one when they encounter a newborn baby, or, let's say, a Basset Hound. This emotional gush caused me to call out to this beaut of a dog in a sing-songy lovable voice of the highest tenor.

Charlie ran up to me without hesitation!

I fawned some more.

Ordering Israel inside to get my camera (after all, this was of highest priority, that I capture Ree's visit on film!), my heart's hopes were dashed, as Fred's owners pulled up in a black pickup and called him home.

Fred?? Who on earth names their adorable Basset Hound FRED?

It was Charlie, I tell ya! Charlie all the world over . . .!! {pouting}

Of course, Ree never did ring the doorbell . . .



Dawn Sodini said...

Sorry for your disappointment over missing Charlie.

Wendy said...

Those celebrity look-alikes are amazing aren't they? :)

Wendy said...
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Beth said...

Sorry you were disappointed with Fred's visit. I really think it should have been Charlie & Ree!

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